May 1, 2021New Hampton, NY


Rachel and Ian met the old-fashioned way... at a bar. Rachel stopped in for a drink at Mother's Ruin, her favorite after-work happy hour spot. Ironically, she was trying to pass the time before going on a date! Ian was enjoying a Bulliet Old Fashioned when Rachel caught his eye. He introduced himself and asked her for her number before they parted ways. It wasn't long before Ian asked Rachel out on their first date. He took her to St. Mazie, a live jazz bar in Brooklyn.

Years worth of memories later and we’ve swam with sea turtles in Tulum, learned how to prepare authentic Greek salad in Santorini, made a home for ourselves in the heart of NoLiTa and introduced our beloved English Bulldog, Romeo (frequently referred to as Romey, Romey Rooner, Romerson, Romesco, Baby Man, Mr. Man and/or Sir Man), into our family.

We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!